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The sister club
Turquoisefur! A.K.A. mari
Spottedleafcat! a.k.a. sophie
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Turquoisefur! A.K.A. mari

This is the page where I'll describe my sister in more detail.

My name is Marikka (a.k.a Mari). I have one dog named Olivia, she is so cute.

My favorite sports are tennis and volleyball. My favorite oby is to draw people. My favorite animal are turtles, and dogs. My favorite colors are orange and blue.

It's a kitty!

Whatz Up?

I like kittys but I like dogs better. My favorite cat is a white cat.
Speaking of cats, the little blue cat at the top left corner of my page follows your mouse if you click on it! If you want it to stop, click on it again. Her name is Aqua!


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

I like the Pink panther, Mean Girls, Harry Potter and independence day.

Here's a list of some of my favorite bands:

Good Charlotte, Black eyed peas and Natasha Bedingfeild, and All American Rejects.